Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Last night, I was moving our digital photos from the computer on to a flash drive so that the computer would run better. As I was doing so, I came across pics that were taken on New Year's Day last year (2008). The pictures were of me and my family riding Russell's horse. (Russell is my sister's fiance.) Now, to most people, that wouldn't seem like such a big deal, but last New Year's Day was a major milestone for me because I have been terrified of even getting near a horse for a long time!

I grew up riding horses. One of my very first memories was riding a horse while my Daddy led him around the backyard. And Daddy always told me, if you fall off, you've got to get back on. Fast forward to high school. I had a registered quarter horse mare who was part of Dash for Cash's bloodline. She was built for speed and trained for roping. And I HATED her! Finally, Dad decided to sell her and as I was showing her off for a potential customer one morning, I was thrown. I came down head first and landed on a patch of caliche. I don't remember much about that morning. I know that Daddy wouldn't let me back on the horse and I took a trip to the ER where we found out I had a concussion. And a few days later I was back at the ER because my head and eye swelled up (but it was only sinus congestion). So, needless to say, I developed a strong fear of horses after that...

Nearly 15 years later, Russell convinced me to try riding his horse. He was so patient with me (my sister had told him my story). I was terrified until I got up on the horse and then I couldn't wipe the stupid grin off my face. I was acting like I had never been on a horse before! After a few minutes of letting Russ lead me around, I decided I was ready to take the reins. That terrified feeling came back...I was scared the horse would take off or suddenly buck...but he just walked around lazily (he's really too old to do much else). Russell gave me my confidence back that day! And even though I have not been back on a horse (I'm really too fat for that!), I no longer fear giving them a pet on the nose!

And I got some really great pics of my kiddos fact, I think I will go scrap this one of my wonderful son right now! Happy New Year Everyone!!!

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Russell and Patricia said...

Well sis, I am glad that this happened... One day when we are both skinny we will ride together! I must confess... I should be more excited about having an up and coming horse ranch, but the image and memory I have of you that day still lingers in my mind. So I guess we will have to build each others confidence, huh! Vi con dios mi amiga!