Wednesday, March 3, 2010

How To Be Successful At Etsy

So, day two of spring card making and guess what?!?! I only got one lousy card made! Yep! That's it! I was working on this springy card when it dawned on me, that I promised my son that I would go to the grocery store today and buy him some more Pibb...and Ritz crackers. So, I went off to ready myself for a trip into town and the dreaded grocery store...

Since I was going to be making the trip, I made sure to print a 50% off coupon for Michael's and take it with me. And since I was going to be in town, I thought I might as well stop by Hobby Lobby too. So, off to town I go...stop at Hobby Lobby to buy some yarn for some adorable baby booties that I am designing (I will have pics of those later in the week)...then off to Michael's for some bags to put my cards in for craft show this into the grocery store...and then to the salon to get a quick trim (believe me I needed it!)...home again to help my daughter with her homework and then outside to enjoy the beautiful evening. So, now here I sit, catching up on the internet and with only one card done for the day [sigh] I don't think I will be getting those 5 spring cards completed before the craft show this weekend...But on a brighter note, here is my Friends Card:

Oh yeah! Get to the Success Tips! I completely forgot ;) OK, I am not an expert by any means! But I have been around the etsy scene for a couple of years and this is what I have learned...although I should be following my advice more closely ;) Use what you can and ignore the rest...


Send at least two business cards with every order. Leave business cards every where you can think of! Get a magnet for your car. Facebook, myspace, twitter, blog, cafemom (of course). Put your link in the signature of ALL of your emails (even those funny forwards because they will get forwarded on with your info). Offer discounts to 'special' customers like facebook fans. Contests for free stuff. Carry something you make with you everywhere you go. (I keep a coffee sleeve in my pocket and use it when we go out to eat on my coke glass). Get friends/relatives far away to show off your stuff. Keep a photo brag book with some of your pics (I printed a bunch of my pics when Walgreens had a sale). Use your children as advertising (T-shirts - my mommy makes X). Offer to teach a class on your craft at a local craft store.

Then there are your pics - make them good (remove background distractions, have the right lighting, make sure they are in focus). Include something in the pic that will help customers gage the size (a coin, a coffee mug, markers) but make sure they don't distract from the pic. Customers don't always read the item description.

Make your item description concise but detailed. Give sizes, colors, any special characteristics, etc. But you don't need to tell the item's life story."

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